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The Deputy Director for Experimental Affairs is responsible for all matters related to the system and methods of official examinations, i.e.:

elaboration and verification of the methods for DUS testing and VCU assessment,
elaboration of composition of the varieties intended for official examinations,
planning of testing and trials connected with DUS and VCU assessment and with varietal identity,
attestation of DUS and VCU assessment,
elaboration of DUS and VCU results as well as recommending of the registration suggestions on the variety release committees,
elaboration of the morphological and botanical descriptions for examined varieties,
substantial supervision of the Experimental Stations for Variety Testing,
co-operation with the Main Inspectorate of State Plant Health and Seed Inspection Service in the range of identity of seed material sample assessment,
attestation of the testing results,
signalling of needs regarding equipment of the Experimental Stations for Variety Testing which safeguard proper realization of trials,
verifying of tasks realized by subordinated organizational divisions.