Financial and Book-Keeping Division
    The main tasks of the Division are the following:
    maintaining of the COBORU accountancy according to the binding regulations,
    current and proper book-keeping,,
    organization of preparation, acceptance, circulation, keeping of the archives and control of the financial and accountant documents,
    preparation of the salary list, execution of calculations with the Social Insurance Institution and fiscal authorities,
    analysis of the utilization of the allocated budgetary resources,
    preparation of the financial and budgetary reports,
    elaboration of the internal projects concerning provisions related to the accountancy maintaining.
  Division of Fees
    The main tasks of the Division are the following:
    collecting and keeping a record of fees for:
– submission of application for the Polish National List (NLI) and for granting of the national PBR protection,
– official examinations,
– addition of a variety to the NLI and grant of PBR protection,
– submission of application for prolongation of a validity period of a variety acceptance in the NLI,
– maintenance in NLI and PBR,
    execution of above-mentioned fees.