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Chief Accountant is responsible for all maters related to the financing of COBORU activities, on the basis of the Law on public finance, i.e.:

maintaining of the COBORU accountancy,
disposal of the financial means,
preliminary control of the conformity of economic operations and transactions with the financial plan,
preliminary control of the completeness and reliability of the documentation concerning economic operations and transactions,
preparation of the financial reports from the COBORU activities,
balancing of the COBORU and the summary balance of the structural units and presenting them for the director's approval,
supervision of the accountancy in the structural units,
planning of the COBORU income and expenditure,
organization of preparation, acceptance, circulation, keeping of archives and documents control, in the way securing proper progress of economic operations,
leading of the financial policy according to binding regulations,
analysis of utilization of the allocated budgetary resources,
executing of the functional control,
elaboration of the internal projects of regulations concerning the accountancy rules, particularly Corporate Chart of Accounts, circulation of financial documents, rules of performing the inventory etc.,
preparation of the COBORU staff salary list,
execution of calculations with the Social Insurance Institution and fiscal authorities,
keeping of the records and execution of fees for the national listing and PBR protection according to binding regulations,
counting and disposal of the authors' bonuses according to the Seed Act.