Head – MSc. Elżbieta Radomska

tel. +48 61 287 82 40,

The Foreign Cooperation Department is responsible for organization of the international cooperation, mostly in the range of experience exchanging on the listing system and PBR protection system as well as the methods of the official examinations. The main tasks of the Department are the following:

organization and coordination of the international cooperation of COBORU with the organizations and institutions dealing with national listing and PBR protection of plant varieties,
coordination of the international cooperation of all COBORU organizational units,
organization of the visits of foreign guests,
exchanging of the publications with institutions, organizations and other foreign clients as well as keeping of the records of these publications,
cooperation with the listing authorities from outside EU,
informing of the foreign breeders on national listing and granting of national protection rules and procedure,
preparation and realization of the foreign travelling plan of the variety assessment staff,
coordination of the preliminary trials realization.