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The Legal and Human Resources Department realizes the lawyers' service according to the binding regulations and is responsible for employment of both COBORU and administration staff of its structural units. The main tasks of this Department are the following:

issuing of the legal opinions concerning matters submitted by the Director General,
giving opinions and legal advices,
informing the COBORU management of:


offences to the regulations and their consequences,


participation in organized by COBORU negotiations, with the aim of concluding, changing or invalidation of a civil-law contract,
legal supervision over enforcement of payments for COBORU,
giving of opinions on the drafts of legal acts concerning COBORU organizational matters,
giving of opinions on the other drafts of legal acts,
representation of COBORU in the court cases,
leading of both COBORU staff and management of the Experimental Stations for Variety Testing personal matters, in particular:
- staff policy,
- documentation of the personal matters,
- salary policy,
- staff assistance in dealing with the pensionary and annuity matters,
- matters related to the leave,
- reports and analysis of the personal matters,
- complaint and motion matters of the COBORU staff,
delivering of the materials resulting from the work of the Department for publication on our website.